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  • Make your own reusable shopping bag!

    Reusable shopping bags are the best! They are super handy, sustainable, and some even come with fun sayings on them. But, they can also be cheaply-...
  • 5 Time-Saving Sewing Hacks

    When I first began my quest to sew within a busy lifestyle, I broke down and purchased one of those semi-expensive sewing project kits from my loca...
  • 5 Ways to learn sewing from the comfort of home.

    Many of us have a sewing machine sitting in our hall closet, ready for love and use. Many more of us want to jump on the DIY train and learn to eas...
  • Best Fabrics for Beginners

    SEW... With all the many types of fabrics to choose from, what would be the best choice to start out with? If you are a beginner, have a child that would like to learn to sew, or just want to sew without the hassle and headache, these fabric tips are for you!

  • Best beginner sewing machines for any budget.

    What are the best, budget-friendly, beginner sewing machines out there? I have compiled a list. My criteria are 1.Price, 2.Simple vs Complex, 3.Quality.