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5 Ways to learn sewing from the comfort of home.

Many of us have a sewing machine sitting in our hall closet, ready for love and use. Many more of us want to jump on the DIY train and learn to easily create beautiful items--can it be done easily from home?


1. Start with a sewing kit.

Sometimes, when deciding to pick up a new hobby, it can be hard to know how to get started. With all the options for supplies, fun projects that you want to learn to make, and cool tools and gadgets that you want to add to your sewing collection, where do you begin?

Rather than jumping into the deep-end, start by getting your feet wet. There are many types of fun and unique sewing project kits out there—you can find many in Joann Fabrics, online, and in small quilt shops. These kits often come with easy-to-follow directions, a pre-selected pattern, and the correct amount (and types!) of fabrics to complete the project. This is perfect for the new sewist to try out for a first (or first 15!) projects. Plus, completing a kit can be SEW fun and rewarding!

If you would love to find a sewing kit that also includes threads, pins, needles, and is already pre-cut to the project pattern, check out the project kits that we create for our monthly sewing club>>

2. Watch YouTube tutorials.

YouTube is the best—you can easily learn how to do anything from hang-glide to grow award-winning petunias on this platform. But, what about sewing? There are TONS of YouTube Channels dedicated to teaching the art of sewing; many of these channels focus on advanced techniques or quilting.

If you are looking for some beginner instruction, here are some wonderful YouTube channels that you will love:

Sew What Box: (Shameless plug) We strive to introduce beginners to sewing techniques through easy-to-follow tutorial videos. We also have some full-project tutorials available as well—we focus on “craft-type projects” which include things such as duffel bags, table runners, zippered pouches, and more!

Coolirpa: This channel is great for clothing “upcycle” inspiration. Weekly videos focus on step-by-step “thrifted transformations.”

Midnight Quilt Show: If you are wanting to learn more about the art of quilting, this is a fun, lighthearted channel that teaches easy quilting techniques.

3. Join a virtual sewing class.

Lets face it: in-person classes can be intimidating. Sure, you can get personalized help, but what if you could get this sort of help WITHOUT having to pack up your sewing machine, drive to the quilt shop, and attempt to fit into a class filled with advanced quilters? Now you can.

The age of virtual, interactive sewing classes is upon us. Some of these classes are “live” on Zoom, some are hosted inside of Facebook groups, and some are pre-recorded with email-help options.

4. Utilize easy downloadable patterns.

Forget driving all the way to the hobby shop just to pay $25 for a confusing pattern printed on the thinnest tissue paper imaginable. Instead, you can now stay home, save gas (and time), and easily choose from millions (maybe billions) of patterns available online!

Pinterest is a GREAT place to find downloadable sewing patterns. And, if you do not know how to use a downloadable pattern, check out our quick tutorial video here>>

5. Surround yourself with encouragement and inspiration.

This is the most important step of all. Even though sewing is often a personal activity, a way to engage in some “me time,” learning without encouragement can be very difficult. Call on your friends and family to be excited for you, join our email list for weekly encouragement, or reach out and we would LOVE to help encourage you in your journey!

Inspiration is also important—this is how you avoid “burnout” in any hobby. Pinterest is a great way to find new sewing inspiration, as are many of the YouTube channels that teach about sewing.

Now, what if you could hit all 5 of these points from one single sewing club?

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