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How to Thread a Sewing Machine

Threading your machine is the first place to start--and it is not as hard as you might imagine! Every sewing machine may need to be threaded in a slightly different way, but all have the same parts and need to be threaded through those parts in the same order.

Threading the top thread:


If you would like specific threading directions for your particular sewing machine, check your owner's manual or do a quick YouTube search using the make and model number of your machine.

Threading the bobbin:

The bobbin is the small circular thread-holder that holds the bottom thread in your sewing machine. This thread is very important because it works together with the top thread to actually create a stitch and hold your fabrics together--without two threads, your machine will not be able to make a stitch.

Before threading your bobbin thread, you must first have a fully wound bobbin. Learn to wind your bobbin by clicking HERE.

Next, there are two types of bobbin holders on sewing machines: top-load and front-load.

Top-load bobbins:

A machine whose bobbin can be taken out, straight up from in front of the presser foot is a top-load bobbin. Learn how to thread those with this video tutorial.

Front-load bobbins:

If your bobbin is removed from the front side of the machine, below the presser foot area, then you have a front-load bobbin.