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Sewing Tool Must-Haves

If you are just getting started in sewing, you may be wondering what tools you will need--other than a sewing machine. (If you are wanting to purchase a sewing machine, check out our budget-friendly machine round-up article!)

While some sewing tools are nice to have, not all are used all of the time. In order to alleviate sewing tool confusion, we have created this round-up of the most-used sewing tools.

Tools to have in your arsenal:

These 4 items are all that you should need to get started sewing (besides a sewing machine, iron, and scissors). Looking to get all these tools (and more) at once? Check out our Beginner's Tool Kit.

Sewing Pins: This may seem straight-forward, but after years of working with beginner sewists, we have found that some types of pins are intuitively easier to use than others. When pin shopping, opt for long pins with pearl heads like these.

● Sewing Machine Needles: When thinking about what types of needles to use/buy for your sewing projects, the best bet is to get universal needles. (There are many, many other types of specialty needles out there!) Universal needles will work the best on the most variety of fabric types--making this the most economical way to get started sewing. Plus, universal needles even come in variety packs like this.

● Thread Snippers: These handy mini scissors are spring-loaded for ease of use. They are perfect for snipping thread tails and even can be used instead of a seam-ripper to easily snip stitches. Curious what they look like? Check them out here.

● Lint Brush: These handy brushes are made for cleaning lint out of your sewing machine. After a few projects, you will see that lint (from threads) and fabric fibers will build up in your bobbin case and around your presser foot. Cleaning this out will be the best way to help your machine last a long time; you can grab a cleaning brush here if you need one! Do not try to clean this with compressed air--it will push the lint further into the machine!

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Other useful tools:

Unlike the first list in this article, the items listed here will probably not be used every day in the sewing room--but they are super handy and nice to have! Plus, you can even get all of the tools listed here in our Deluxe Tool Kit Collection!

● Seam Ripper: Mistakes in sewing will happen, but they can always be repaired. A good seam ripper will help you easily remove stitches from any seam line.

● Sewing Clips: Some fabrics (like vinyl) do not work very well with pins. If you ever find yourself working with materials that you do not want to poke holes into (or if they are too thick to easily be pinned) reach for these sewing clips.

● Disappearing Ink Markers: The modern-day tailor's chalk, these special pens can be used to make marks on your fabric--and then the marks can be washed away. Some even fade away from contact with air! Curious about these? Check them out here.

● Sewing Machine Screwdriver: Mini screwdrivers are a must-have when sewing. These will help you easily remove/change sewing machine needles, among other things. We have a really cool set of these available here.

● Seam Gauge: Even if you don't plan on measuring seams, this cool tool can be used to measure all kinds of things. It is especially handy when hemming pants (or skirts, etc.) because the sliding measurement marker makes it so that you can quickly measure your hem all the way around. Check it out here.

● Iron Cleaning Sheets: Have you ever accidentally melted something to the bottom of your iron? (We all have!) With these cleaning sheets, you can easily clean these black smudges from your iron--no more black smudges!

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