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What does "Right Sides Together" mean?

If you have ever attempted to follow a sewing pattern, you will have seen the phrase "right sides together" multiple times. But what does that actually mean?

All about "Right Sides Together":


Before you can understand this statement, you will need to know that every fabric has what is called a "right" and a "wrong" side. The right side of the fabric is the side that you will want to see when the project is finished, and the wrong side is the side that should end up to the inside of the finished project. For instance, the right side of the fabric that was used to make the shirt that you are wearing is the side that you can see when you look down at your shirt.

Now that you understand what the right side of the fabric is, you will be able to better understand why we typically sew two pieces of fabric together, with the right sides together. Looking at your shirt again, you can see that the seam allowances are not seen from the outside of the shirt--that would be strange!

Since we can see seam allowances while we sew, this means that all items have to be sewn inside-out (otherwise the seams would be seen on the outside!) and that is why fabrics are typically sewn with the right sides of the fabric together.