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  • 5 Time-Saving Sewing Hacks

    When I first began my quest to sew within a busy lifestyle, I broke down and purchased one of those semi-expensive sewing project kits from my loca...
  • 5 Ways to learn sewing from the comfort of home.

    Many of us have a sewing machine sitting in our hall closet, ready for love and use. Many more of us want to jump on the DIY train and learn to eas...
  • Best Fabrics for Beginners

    SEW... With all the many types of fabrics to choose from, what would be the best choice to start out with? If you are a beginner, have a child that would like to learn to sew, or just want to sew without the hassle and headache, these fabric tips are for you!

  • Best beginner sewing machines for any budget.

    What are the best, budget-friendly, beginner sewing machines out there? I have compiled a list. My criteria are 1.Price, 2.Simple vs Complex, 3.Quality.