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December, 2020. The "Blustery Day" Box

Are you SEW ready for this?

Here you will find our sew-along videos for both the pre-cut infinity scarf kit and the "Anatomy of a Sweater" upcycle projects. If you wish to save the written instructions, you can copy/paste them into a Word document for later use.

This month, we are working with stretchy, knit fabrics. It is a good time to use the tips and tricks for working with knits that were included in your box.

Let's get sewing!

Pre-Cut Infinity Scarf:

Who doesn't love a warm, soft, cuddly scarf in the winter? The only way to make that better is if it were a scarf made by you. Well, it is your lucky day.

Follow along with this sew-along video and discover how EASY it is to make a scarf like this. If you love it SEW much that you want to make many more, here are the fabrics dimensions:

  • For a 2 colored scarf: 18" by 20" (this is also the size of a "Fat Quarter") of each color.
  • If you want to create a 1-colored infinity scarf, cut an 18" by 40" piece of the color you desire.

No matter which road you choose (one color or two) you will need to get 1/2 yard of each color (one color or 2) you choose to use. PRO-TIP: If you want to find this fabric at Joann Fabrics, download their app or go to their website to get a coupon!

Here are the written instructions for this project: Sew all of the seams, unless otherwise noted, with a zig-zag stitch. This allows the stitching to stretch WITH the fabric, rather than break when the fabric stretches. Seam allowance width (the distance between where your stitching goes and the raw edge of the fabric) is not super important. The looser-knit of fabric you are using, the wider your seam allowance should be. We suggest anywhere from the edge of your presser foot (about 1/2 inch) to 5/8 inch.

1. If you are making a scarf with just one color, skip to step #2. Sew the 2 pieces together along one short edge, right sides together. Open the connected pieces of fabrics to lay them, right side up, on your table. Then, fold the long edges together in the center, matching the seam line. Pin at the seam line.

2. With the right side of the fabric facing up on your table, continue to fold the long edges together, pinning from one short edge all the way to the other. If one of your edges is too short, tug at it a little bit to get it to stretch to the length of the long piece, pinning in place. Stitch along the long edge.

3. Turn the tube right side out. Then match the tube ends together at the long seam line. Make sure that you have no twist in your tube. Pin the ends together, right sides together, at this seam line.

4. Continue pinning the fabrics together around the edge of the tube ends, stopping when you can go no further. You should have a section about 2-4 inches wide that you will not be able to pin together. This is because the scarf will be coming out of that section.

5. Sew along the part of these tube ends that you were able to pin. Make sure to reverse stitch at the beginning and end of your stitching here so that the seam does not unravel when we turn it right-side-out.

6. Turn this section of the scarf right-side-out and then pin the open section together. Fold the raw edges to the inside (they should naturally want to do this) before pinning. Then, use a straight stitch right along the edge here to close the hole. Make sure that you catch both sides as you sew in order to not have a hole in your scarf.

7. Hand-sew on a cute "handmade" tag.

8. Enjoy or gift! 🎁

Anatomy of a Sweater "Upcycle":

Did you know... There are SEW many things (other than scarves) That can be made out of an old sweater?

Watch this sew-along video to learn how to make winter hats, mittens, and slipper socks from any sweater!


  • I got my box yesterday but I didn’t get this. I got the tote bag. What’s up?

    Laurie Kligel
  • I received my Sew What Box yesterday and did not get my video in it. Could you send the video that has the instructions for my Mug Rugs.

    Thank you,

    Kelly A Luallen
  • I bought this kit for my daughter. The materials are 2 different widths and the one won’t stretch to match the other one. Very disappointing. I know that we can cut it, but it seems difficult to expect my daughter to be able to cut the full length consistently.

    Kris Passerini
  • I really enjoyed this box! The scarf will make a nice present for my mother in law. I hand-sewed the rest of the scarf with a ladder stitch so that the seam wouldn’t be visible. I think I’ll make more scarves and eventually one for myself :) the fabrics you chose worked really well together!


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