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The "Spring Fever" Box

This shipment's sewing tool is a packet of 5 bobbin clips.

What is a bobbin clip?

Bobbin clips are the sewing tool that you didn't know you needed. Wound bobbins tend to unravel and make a mess of tangled string when they are sitting in storage, in your sewing drawer, or in the storage compartment on your sewing machine. Not anymore...Your new bobbin clips are designed to easily snap around the threads on your bobbin, holding it all tightly in place. No more unwinding, tangled mess!

BONUS: Downloadable table runner pattern.

Our main project this month is an easy (and cute!) table runner. The fabrics that you have been sent are all pre-cut for you; if you would like to create even more of these fun projects, download our table runner pattern to get cutting and creating!

Download the pattern>>

Are you SEW ready to get started on the projects included in this month's shipment? View the tutorial videos below.

Project Kit: Table Runner Tutorial.

Sew along with our video tutorial. Or, follow along with the steps below.


Seam allowance: 1/2 inch, or your preferred seam allowance.

1. Iron any wrinkles out of the fabric pieces.

2. Match the centers of the one long edge of both pieces of fabric to each other., right sides together. line these long raw edges up and pin along the length of the shorter piece. Sew along this edge with 1/2 inch seam allowance. Press seam toward the larger fabric piece.

3. Repeat step 2 with the other long edges of these fabric pieces. Once finished, you should have an inside-out tube.

4. Match the corners of one of the large piece's short edges to each other, right sides together. Fold this edge in half, pin to itself, and sew along this folded edge. Repeat with both edges.

5. Turn the tube right-side-out.

6. Lay the tube with the smaller fabric piece facing up. Begin in the center of the tube, fold it flat, and get an even measurement of border from the large piece of fabric on both edges of the table runner. Iron the edges to create a crease and make the table runner lie flat.

7. Continue measuring this border, adjusting, and ironing flat, from the center out to one of the ends of the table runner. Go as far as you can go along the border, allowing the end fabric to fold over the spot that you are ironing.

8. Adjust the center seam on the point of the end to be parallel with the border seams. Press this point seam, and the folds that go from the borders to the point, flat.

9. Fold the raw edge under, into the point, creating a straight fold like that is perpendicular to the border seams. Press this flat and pin in place.

10. Go back to the middle of the table runner and repeat steps 7-9, working toward the opposite end.

11. Top-stitch along the folded and pinned flaps at each end of your table runner. Top stitch along the border seams, if you would like.

Upcycle!! Turn a shirt into a handy bag.

Do you have an old, button-down shirt lying around? Learn how to easily turn it into a fun, giftable bag!

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