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Bento Bag Tutorial


Fall is in the air! Are you ready?

This fun project is the perfect October DIY--use it as a perfect Trick-or-Treating bag, or add the trendy style to your fall wardrobe. I have personally been using mine as a purse (and my grandma made one to use for collecting eggs from her chickens!).

I hope you enjoy this fun project and cool bag as much as I have.

Let's get started.

First, thread your sewing machine with the thread from your kit and replace your sewing machine needle with the needle in your kit--remember, needles should be changed often because they become dull (usually about every 8 hours of sewing).

If you would like to view some tutorials on how to get started with your sewing machine, check out our Beginner's Video Vault.

Lets watch the tutorial video, below...


Do you want to make one with a special Halloween-print fabric? Or, maybe you want to make one to gift to all of the kiddos in your life...Here is where you can download the Bento Bag digital pattern in case you would like to make another of these bags!