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Gathered Apron Tutorial

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Are you ready? Just incase you aren't... we have compiled some really cool items that will help you prepare for the holiday in this month's box.

First, the apron project this month will be a great tool for helping to cook Thanksgiving dinner, and we will be having an extra project tutorial this month for a cookbook cover (the extra fabrics in this month's box are perfect for that!). Make sure that you check out our weekly live videos in our Sewing Club Facebook Group to find the upcoming book cover tutorial!

And, if you are not cooking the entire Thanksgiving meal, but simply need to make a dish to take to the feast...Consider making some delicious cookies with the sewing-machine-shaped cookie cutter! If you would like some more "sewing cookie" inspiration, check out this other cool DIY cookie project that we found!


The apron project tutorial:

First, thread your sewing machine with the thread from your kit and replace your sewing machine needle with the needle in your kit--remember, needles should be changed often because they become dull (usually about every 8 hours of sewing).

If you would like to view some tutorials on how to get started with your sewing machine, check out our Beginner's Video Vault.

Lets watch the tutorial video, below...


Looking to make some more of these cool aprons? (What a fun Thanksgiving hostess gift!) Click here to download the Gathered Apron digital pattern!