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Jean Angel Tutorial

Denim angels, how cute? These make great Christmas ornaments and even cute charms to hang from a vehicle's rearview mirror.

Project Steps:

1. Tie the 2 ends of the string together, as pictured.

How to tie a figure-eight knot.


2. Lay one denim piece on the table, wrong side of fabric facing up. Place wings along the long sides of the piece, as pictured, about 0.5" down from the top of the triangle and about 0.5" in from the edge.

Angel, step 2.


3. Place the tied string at the top of the triangle with the knot about 0.75" from the top of the triangle.

Angel, step 3.


4. Place the second denim piece, right side up, on top of the pieces that you have laid down, lining up the edges of both denim pieces and sandwiching the other pieces in-between the denim pieces.

Angel, step 4.


5. Top-stitch about 0.25" from the edge around the denim piece. This will attach the denim pieces to each other and attach the wings and string between those pieces.

Angel, step 5.


6. Thread the large circle bead onto the string loop. Then thread the halo bead onto the string on top of the circle bead. Tie a similar knot as in step 1 above the halo bead in order to hold both beads onto the string.

Angel, step 6.