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Magnetic Needle Minder Tutorial

Who doesn't love a magnetic needle nest? While learning how to make this needle nest, be careful with the magnet--it is a pretty strong magnet!

Project Steps:

1. Fold the ribbon in half and place it on the right side of one piece of fabric, as pictured, with the cut ends of the ribbon lined up with the edge of the fabric. (The right side of a fabric is the pretty side.)

Magnetic pin holder, step 1.


2. Place the second piece of fabric over the first piece (and ribbon), lining up all edges and making sure that the right sides of each fabric piece are facing each other. Sew along all but one long edge, being careful not to accidentally sew the loop edge of the ribbon into any seam allowances.

Magnet pin holder, step 2.


3. Turn the piece right side out and use your finger, a turning tool, or a pencil to poke the corners out well. Press. Turn the remaining raw edges under about 0.5" and press.


4. Slide magnet into the pocket created by the fabric pieces and either hand-sew the opening shut or top stitch closed with your sewing machine.