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  • Bubble Basket Tutorial
  • Upcycle Project

Let's make your pre-cut kit!

This month's bubble basket kit is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Most all of the seamlines are slightly curved, so make sure to take your time. We promise that it will be fun and worth the effort.

Plus, the curves are really not very hard if you use many pins and sew slow. Lets get started...

Hanging Kitchen Towel

We have all seen those cool kitchen towels, often crocheted, in our grandmother's kitchens--the ones that hook over the oven handle, through the fridge handle, or around a cabinet handle. What if you could make your own version? And, what if that version took a mere matter of minutes to create?

We are going to do just that! You will need:

  • 1 square pot holder
  • 1 kitchen towel

Both of these items can be easily obtained from the Dollar Store. But, I bet you probably have a few of these around your home that you do not use--why not upcycle them?

Follow along with the video, below, to learn to easily create these fun and giftable projects!