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Sewing Challenge: Mini Tote Pattern

Are you SEW excited to get ready to start sewing the upcoming projects in this 10-day challenge?

As a reminder, our first project (the microwavable popcorn bag) will be made without a pattern, but you can download the pattern for the mini tote project by clicking here.

How-to use the downloadable pattern:


One important thing to remember when using/printing a downloadable pattern is to look for a scale or 1 inch test square. You will want to measure these to make sure that they printed in the correct scale--or your finished project may turn out to be the wrong size!

Another tip is to tape all of the papers together with the printed side up--then flip the whole thing upside down and tape the loose edges on the back, too. This will help avoid annoying paper folds while cutting the pattern out and using the pattern.

Download the mini tote pattern >>