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Sewing Machine Charm Tutorial

This super-cute sewing-themed charm ornament actually requires no sewing! Not to fear, it will still be a great marker of your love of sewing.

You will need fabric glue to create this project.

Project Steps:

1. Tie the 2 ends of one piece of string together, as pictured. Wrap the second piece of string around the mini wooden thread spool and either tie or glue in place.

How to tie a figure eight knot.


2. Place the tied string in the center of the top of one sewing machine piece, as pictured, with the knot about 0.5" down from the edge.

Sewing machine charm, step 1.


3. Glue another of the sewing machine shapes on top of the first, sandwiching the knot in-between the 2 sewing machine felt pieces. For extra stability of the knot, you can use a paper stapler to put a staple in just above the knot.

Sewing machine, step 2.


4. Glue the remaining 2 machine pieces, one on each side of the current pieces in order to hide the staple. Then, glue (or hand-sew) the buttons onto your charm to look like the knobs on your sewing machine. You can leave the buttons off of your charm, if you would rather.

Machine charm, step 4.


5. Use the T-pin to stick through the wooden thread spool and into the top of the right side of the machine. Place a dab of glue on to the pointy end of the pin before putting in place to help hold it in place.


6. To finish the project, stick the large pin into the left side of the machine, all the way through the top half and into the bottom part of the machine. This pin should connect the 2 parts of felt on that side and look like a sewing machine needle when placed correctly. Use a dab of glue on the pointy side of the pin to help hold it in place.

Machine charm, final step.