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Valentine Treat Box

Happy Valentine's Day! I am SEW glad that you have received your Valentine Collection already--are you SEW ready to get sewing?

A closer look on items in the box:

1. Bobbin Boat: This fun bobbin storage solution is brought to us by Dritz and has the ability to store multiple types/sizes of bobbins! Check out more info on this product by clicking here.

2. Sewing Clips: This set of 10 sewing clips should come in handy in your sewing adventures! Simply use in place of pins on hard-to-pin sewing projects as shown in this tutorial video.

3. Pin Magnet: Almost everyone agrees that pin magnets are much more handy than a pin cushion...but what if you could have a pin magnet affixed to your sewing machine right next to your sewing needle? Now you can with this Dritz pin magnet.

4. Sewing Socks: What a fun surprise! Sewing-themed socks are one thing that sewists everywhere should have in their wardrobe. (Right?) Incase you are wanting to nab a second (or third or fourth) pair, you can find these amazing socks on the HotSox website or at this link. (HotSox unlisted these socks from their site--hopefully they will be back in stock!)

5. Pre-Cut Project: The pièce de résistance of this Valentine's collection, all of the materials needed to create a cute mini wallet, chapstick holder, and lanyard are all included in the drawstring bag within your Valentine Treat Box. Simply scroll to the bottom of this page to find the video tutorial for the project--and if you would like to make many more of these projects, you can download a printable pattern by clicking here.

6. Self-Threading Needles: Made by Bohin, these amazing needles are easy to thread! You can find out more about these needles here and learn more about using self-threading needles of all brands in this article.

7. Jean Repair Thread: Mettler brand designed this Denim Doc thread with the perfect combination of cotton and polyester fibers for working with, mending, or repairing jeans! Not to mention the color is formulated to be a perfect match to many jean dye lots. Looking for more info on this or more of their perfect jean color options? Check them out by heading here.

The Pre-Cut Kit Tutorial:

Have fun creating this super cute collection! Plus, download the pattern to make even more of these (once you create your pre-cut kit).

P.S. Do you LOVE the unique sew-in magnets included in this pre-cut kit? Order more for your future projects by clicking here.